Heavy Truck Mobile Repair

We want to make your repairs and maintenance as easy as possible. That is why we made it possible to come to you. From a quick diagnostics check, to an on site welding fix, we can do it all when we come to you.



Semi Trucks, Trailers, and other automotive vehicles can all be safetied by us. This will ensure that vehicles meet the minimum equipment and performance standards to be on the roadway.



There is a lot of parts in your engine so it takes some one reputable to take an engine out, and replace, repair or rebuild it. Mid Man Mechanical has the knowledge and expertise to do an overhaul on all your transmissions, differentials, or engines. We will have your engine back in shape and its performance better than when it was new.



We carry the absolute latest in diagnostic equipment. We can fix newer agricultural equipment, heavy construction equipment, and heavy trucks. We can do this in our shop, or we onsite with our Heavy Truck Mobile Repair.

Welding & Fabrication

Welding & Fabrication

Mid Man Mechanical can do welding and fabrication on site or off site for all types of repairs. Our experience includes welding, and fabrication of mild steel, cast iron, aluminum, and stainless steel.



Mid Man Mechanical can identify and correct electrical problems fast and efficiently. We offer high quality electrical inspections including alternator repair, and battery replacement. We also provide a variety of auto repair services such as servicing auxillary power units, repairing computer control system component failures, and more!


Emission Deletes

Emission Deletes can help you get better fuel savings while maximizing power and  lower maintenance cost which means less time off the road.

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